Dough is the base of your pizza business - without the dough, how do you keep all those yummy toppings together? A dough box keeps your dough fresh longer, helps prevent drying out, and premature crusting of the dough. Choosing the right dough box for your pizzeria is easy with the help of the experts at Giochi Di Pizza, suppliers of the best restaurant equipment to be found.

These boxes can be found in history for many generations. They were most often used by families for their weekly bread baking. Originally made of wood, the boxes stood on legs with a wooden lid used for the kneading process. While fine for home use, wood is not recommended for a high-volume business. Wood has a tendency to dry the dough faster than more modern materials and dough should be used the same day.

New dough boxes made out of aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel took the place of wooden boxes when pizza parlors and pizzerias became more popular. There were some early issues with these materials though. The aluminum was messy and hard to keep clean, the stainless steel was expensive, and the early plastics were slow to chill and maintain the proper temperature.

The plastics used today are made of top quality food-grade material that is lightweight, sturdy, does not yellow with age, and is easy to clean and maintain. These newer plastic boxes chill faster to slow the fermentation rate and maintain the proper temperature with ease. 

Giochi Di Pizza carries only the best for your restaurant supply needs and will be happy to help you decide the exact sizes and quantities needed based on your pizza business volume.

P.S. Spending $200 in the dough box family (box, lid, and dolly) will earn you a $40 coupon toward your next $200 purchase - excluding tax and shipping.