Before starting a pizza business one question to ask is:  “What machinery, products and pizza utensils do I really need?”

The purchase of any of these will largely depend on the space you have, the variety you offer and the menu alternatives you will have.

Pizza Oven

A Pizza oven is the most important investment, whether to have an electric oven or a wood fired oven is key.

Pizza cutter

Pizza cutters may seem like a luxury but consider cutting a hot pizza into eight slices without moving the dough too much.  Without a cutter your pizzas could look unappealing and messy. 

Pizza Making Machine

A pizza making machine is for those of you who revolutionize according to advances in technology.  This flattening machine for the dough can make your pizzas more uniform and consistent in shape.  Some can even perfectly mark the edges of you pizza for cutting.

Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is a tool with a flat paddle and long handle.  It is a must for moving your pizzas into and out of the oven safely.


What’s the best way for your customers to carry a pizza?  Boxes!  You can have them for any size pizza and even slices.