Not many people in this world that would deny a slice of pizza. Studies have shown that 350 pizzas are sold every second. This overwhelming love for pizza has resulted in new pizzerias opening around the world constantly. Opening a pizzeria is more than serving a slice of pizza on a plate and calling it a day. You must consider the type of pizza, its shape, its ingredients, and the equipment necessary to build a pizza. There are challenges that come with opening a pizzeria, but Giochi Di Pizza is here to help. Here are the 4 things you must know when opening a pizzeria!

Develop a Plan

With thousands of pizzerias in the world you’ll want your pizza shop to be unique. Before opening a pizzeria develop a detailed plan that consists of your budgets, recipes, and brand voice. Analyze the market in your location and target the specific audience you want to attract to your pizzeria. Not only will this help avoid any prospective issues, but it will allow you to stay consistent. Consistency brings customers. Remember that.

Find a Prime Location

From big cities to suburbs, there will always be competition in the area. When opening a pizzeria look for a location that is convenient and attracts foot traffic. Consider placing your pizzeria in an area that attracts your ideal audience. For example, if you are aiming to attract college students, place your pizzeria near a local university.

Acquire Necessary Licensing

Like any established retailer or restaurant, you must have a license to sell/be a vendor of a product or service. From business licenses to food permits, it is necessary to look into all the necessary paperwork you may need when opening a restaurant. Aside from being the law, having the necessary licenses establishes credibility and lets your customers know your restaurant is clean and safe and your food is above reproach.

Buy Pizza Equipment

Depending upon the style of pizza you are making you will need specific tools to tailor to the pizza-making process. For oven-fired pizzas you will need pizza peels and a durable oven. If you are making smaller, personal pizzas, you may need a dough mixer to avoid lumps and bubbles in the pizza. Buying the right pizza equipment is essential to your pizzeria…I mean, how else will you continue to make drool-worthy pizzas?!

Start Off on the Right Foot

with GDP At Giochi Di Pizza, we aim to be the best restaurant supplier for pizzerias in the nation. From plates to boxes to dough mixers, we have all of the necessary tools to start up your perfect pizzeria. Shop now on our website at or contact us at 305-576-0002.