When making a decision on what type of pizza peel is best for you and your business it might feel a bit overwhelming to decide and sort through the options out there but don’t worry. With a break down of some pros and cons to each type of pizza peel you’ll find the one for you in no time.

First things first

It should be known that there are two types of pizza peels out there. Ones that are made of wood and ones that are made of metal. For a business owner, wood pizza peels can be a great way to present your pizza as it’s carried out of the kitchen freshly baked and onto the table. Metal pizza peels are generally very good quality and durable. A good investment with a low low price.


The Pretty Peel

There’s all kinds of pizza peels but some are just more special than others. And by special we mean they’re for making pizza look pretty. The pretty peels. These range from wood to bamboo and have many different shades of wood. Pros about this type of peel are that it won’t burn your hands when you handle it. The wood keeps the peel from over heating. Aside from looking nice and keeping you safe, on the flip side these pizza peels have to be properly washed and must be air dried before it’s next use which means it needs time to sit and dry and since you run a business and don’t have time for that you’ll likely have to stock up on a few more pizza peels than you first thought to make your pizzas happen. Also, wood can peel and requires maintenance. Again, the pretty peel.



The Practical Peel

If you’re looking for a peel that doesn’t compromise quality or performance then an aluminum or stainless steel pizza peel is right for you. Pros: The aluminum heats up faster than other metals and thus helps you have a thin pizza crust that’s crispy and fresh. Metal peels also tend to be more light weight with thinner paddles and are easier to scoop up your pizza. More pros: No dry time. This kind of pizza peel can be washed multiple times without damage and can be dried instantly with a paper or clean kitchen towel. Cons: The metal peels typically look less elegant than the wood peels and if touched when hot can burn hands or other body parts.



Shapes and Sizes

Not all pizza peels are alike. The range in design, shape, handle, and material all play a part in the overall practicality and quality of your pizza peel. Something to keep in mind is the length of the peel handle that you’ll need. Deeper ovens call for longer or adjustable pizza peel handles. The more your peel handle works and accommodates you the better.


Dollar Signs

You might be thinking, “Okay. This sounds expensive.” Thankfully, not so much. Keep in mind that your pizza peel is a tool in your pizza kitchen that will stick around for a while. So with the amount of times you’ll use your pizza peel it’s most definitely going to pay itself off. Short handle pizza peels typically range between $20-$70. Long handle pizza peels range between $60-$120. Whatever you’re budget, now you know what to consider when purchasing a pizza peel and just what kind is the best choice for your budget.

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