Making your way around a pizza kitchen can be challenging enough with all the tools there are in sight and knowing which one will help you save time as you try to get the job done may be an even bigger challenge. To all the question marks in your head, here the best pizza supplies that save you time (and money) in the pizza kitchen.


Dough Boxes

Dough boxes are your silent ninjas. Essential for a pizzeria, dough boxes are helpful in keeping dough fresh as you work around the kitchen. Your dough boxes proof your dough so that your best dough rides higher and with excellent texture.


Added bonus: Your dough boxes are the perfect size for lifting and moving them throughout the kitchen. Use a lid or stack them up and save space on storage in the kitchen and on increase dough storage life too.


Dough Box Proofing Dolly

Widely underestimated, the dough box dolly is a major help is saving time in a pizza kitchen. With multiple dough boxes to prepare and store, imagine having to transport each box one at a time. With no time to waste the dough box dolly is your best friend.


Stack your dough boxes as high as you feel comfortable and roll your entire rack of dough boxes in one go. Save time and energy in just one move. In the rare case your dolly is not in use, easily store it away as it’s slim lightweight nature fits in between most storage shelves.



Pizza Peels

Say hello to our little friend! Pizza peels are our favorite tool as they are used daily. Every time you’ll need to make a pizza, the pizza peel is an automatic grab. Lucky for you Giochi Di Pizza has a wide variety of pizza peel sizes to fit your every day need. Have a deep oven? We have the long pizza peel for that. Need a pizza peel that can adjust in size? We have that too!


Save time by having the right pizza peel on hand right when you need it. Since pizzas require a pizza peel just about every time you make one you can trust that Giochi Di Pizza will provide you pizza peels that meet your durability demands. Not only are you saving time not having to reach for a new pizza peel every so often, you’re also saving time on your investment.


For all your time saving, pizza making needs, Giochi Di Pizza is here. Find all the above mentioned supplies on our Pizza Station tab on!