We love food - who doesn’t? - but we also love pizza sales. Giochi Di Pizza is here to make your life, and therefore business, a little easier. Here are five ways you can boost pizza sales this month.Sell Combos

Selling “buy one get one half off” or “buy a pizza get a drink/dessert free” is a great way to bring in customers especially if they’re looking to get more “bang for their buck”, which they all are. With BOGO combos, the kick here is, once they’re in they’re more likely to buy an additional item or bring family and friends with them to enjoy this deal. Now you’ve gone from having zero sales to 2, 3, even 5 orders just from a little BOGO help.

 Create Day Specials

At least once a month there’s a fun day on the calendar that can give you a good excuse to create a special. The National Day Calendar online can help you with that. A great way to create a special and also keep customers coming back time and time again is having a consistent special. For example, every first of the month is all you can eat toppings day. Customers can add however many toppings they want for the price of a regular pizza. Or if you’d like to stay consistent more frequently, explore ideas like Thursday’s being ladies night, or college night, kids night, or happy hour where select drinks or meals are half off. The opportunities are endless. What’s even better is as you keep these specials up, customers will think of you as “the place to go” after work or to head out with friends because they know and can expect your business to have something special going on that day.



Use Your Communication Boards

Have a menu board? Use a spot on the menu to share with your customers the day of the day. Have a stand outside? Use that too! Every nook and cranny of your restaurant can be a place to inform your customers of extra special plates of pizza or pasta. Have a legendary secret recipe meal that your business is known for? Put the order right where customers can see it so they feel intrigued and interested in trying it out. It’s your famous recipe for a reason right?


Get Into Community

Use your community to your advantage. Think of the groups your community cares about and get involved! Bring in sports teams or charities and community programs to partner with you for their eat-outs after a home game or for their quarterly fundraising events! Set a standard cost for each member that comes in through your doors. People love businesses that support their community groups. Beyond just their business you’ll get a name and reputation around town that will boost of your business and you’ll be the well known hot spot in no time. Hello sales!



Get Social!

Social media has been a major marketing strategy for businesses everywhere. From small to large, no matter the size of your business or what you do it’s critical to have an online social media presence. If you’re not online when most of your customers are “hanging out” then how can you expect to be seen and considered as their next lunch spot? Being seen and heard in person but also in the online community is a key step in giving your pizza business the opportunity for that sales boost you’ve been looking for.


Now that you know a thing or two about boosting pizza sales, be prepared for when customers come flooding by having all the right pizza making tools you’re bound to need. Take a look at our one-stop-pizza making tools-shop on gdprestaurantsupplies.com.