If you’re new to the pizza making world and have no clue what you’re doing, don’t worry. Here at Giochi Di Pizza we’re here to help. In this episode of “How To Use A Pizza Mixer” we’ll give you the step by step instructions so you can make your dough like a pro! (See what we did there?)


First things first. Set your pizza dough mixer in an area where you won’t have an issue with flour falling on the surface. Second, and this is very important, make sure you’ve got your machine plugged in. You can’t imagine how many people forget that.


When you’ve established yourself, confirm that you’ve got the correct dough hook set into the machine. Some hooks are curved a bit differently and are longer or shorter than others. Make sure you’ve got the right fit for your bowl.


Credit: txresto.com


Next, confirm your bowl is securely in place. Lock it in and make sure it’s not going anywhere. When the dough starts forming, you’ll quickly realize your dough will be spinning but so might your bowl if it’s not locked in tight.


When all is confirmed, feel free to turn your mixer on. Start off on a light slow speed. When adding your ingredients be mindful that the flour may kick up as as the machine mixes. Pour your ingredients slowly. Dumping flour into a mixer will make for a volcanic cloud and a very messy counter.


When comfortable, turn up the speed to medium. Slowly but surely you’ll see your ingredients turn from powdery, sandy grains, into a heavier mix, later into a clumpy, sticky concoction and finally into beautiful and smooth ball of dough.


Credit: videoblocks.com


After about five minutes, slow down your mixer to the off setting and bring up the dough hook. You may choose to release the bowl or leave it locked in. When removing the dough from your mixer you’ll find that the dough is quite sticky and difficult to remove entirely without leaving bits behind.


The trick to effectively removing sticky dough from a dough mixer - if that is the consistency you choose to make your dough - is to use some bench flour. Bench flour is that extra little bit of flour sprinkled in with your dough post mixing to help release the grip of your dough from the bowl walls. After that magical sprinkle, collect and bring out the dough from the bowl and out onto the surface of your choice. Finally, hai fatto! Your done! You have now successfully used your brand new pizza dough mixer.


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