No matter where you are in the world or what generation you grew up in pizza has and will always be around. Who doesn't love a great pizza? Most Americans do, as 41% eat pizza weekly, and 68% order pizza to go at least once a month. (Source) With such a love for pizza here are the top five pizza making trends of 2019!



Square Pizza

Like it or not there has been a radical change in the way we now style and cut our pizza. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve grown from circle pizza to square pizza! From triangle slices to square there’s a new trendy way to share pizza.


Not a fan of the crust? No worries! Just grab a slice from the center. This pizza making style typically serves more slices and is great for grabbing as many crustless slices as you want. Give it a try!



Healthy pizzas

With health conscious minds on the rise, so is the rise for healthy pizzas. Think gluten free options, vegan toppings, and cauliflower dough. Trends like these are picking up fast and what’s even better is they taste amazing and won’t hurt your waistline!


Give it a try! Check out these tips on how to make healthier pizza and pick up a few health-conscious options at the store on your way home. We promise you’ll be glad you did.



Thin crust

Speaking of staying thin and healthy, thin crust pizza is all the rage. Less dough more toppings! Welcome to the world of epic flavor. With less dough to consume creative minds have come up with a whole new menu of options when it comes to toppings.


Typically when adding toppings to thin crust pizza the choice has always been to select light toppings. You know the classics like marinara and basil. But have you ever heard of adding beef, peppers or even bacon to thin crust pizza? Well now you have. The rule book has been thrown out the window and we are entering delicious uncharted territory.




Breakfast Pizza

With a whole new world ahead of us why not dive in from the deep end with the discovery and new love for breakfast pizza. Yes. Breakfast. Pizza. Can you hear the angels singing? This is our new favorite trend.


With recipes like Bacon n’ Eggs or Egg Sausage and Cheese this is a trend we don’t imagine will be going anywhere any time soon.




Fast Casual

And finally, after all the pizza love, this is the trend that tops them all. Ask your grandmother if she ever thought a personalized pizza could be made and ready for you in 3 minutes and she’ll swear you’re nuts. But alas, here we are.


We’ve seen a wave of fast casual pizza shops pop up and everyone’s loving it. A Technomic study found that 28% of consumers frequent fast-casual establishments (visiting at least once per month), putting them on track with full-service pizzeria restaurants. (Source) With an experience like ordering a customized subway sandwich you can have a completely unique pizza from the oven and in your belly in no time.


With handy tools like our Giochi Di Pizza dough rollers and our pizza cutting tools making it all happen in your shop is a breeze. Staying on trend and having the most up-to-date tools in your shop is what we’re all about. Check out our selections and enjoy making new trendy pizza!