If you’ve just opened up a pizza joint or have been a business owner for years there are a few things to always keep in mind when shopping for commercial kitchen equipment. From price to extra supplies, here are four things to remember when shopping for commercial kitchen equipment.


1. Price.

Everyone knows that running a business is exactly that, a business, so keeping an eye out on similar products and comparing prices on those tools and supplies will help you get the best bang for your buck. All in all, you’re sure to save a lot of money when all the numbers, or shall we say dollars, add up.


Our best tip is to watch out for mega-businesses like Amazon. You can find your supplies on Amazon, where the products are twice the price, or you can do your homework and where just a little effort the goes a long, long way. Opt for specialty stores like GDP where you know you’ll be purchasing the right equipment for a competitive price and your total won’t be fluffed due to other third parties being involved.


2. Maintenance.

This may come off as an obvious tip but one mistake some pizza business owners make is they will pay for equipment they believe will last a very long time, thus saving them money, but what they later regret is not thinking twice about the wear and tare of their purchase.


Keep in mind that just like a new car, items begin to depreciate as soon as they leave inventory so your new buy might feel like it will last forever but make sure it stays running like new with maintenance. Your quality knives will need sharpening and buffing every once in a while and that machine won’t run like a charm forever. Eventually, your items will need to be sharpened and that extra cost may be something to consider before you buy.



3.  Replacements.

Purchasing extras will always help you out in those moments you least expect it. Purchase an extra set or two of your knives or pizza plates for when they break or get misplaced. You don’t ever think your customers will get up and walk away with your pizza tray in their take away box but sometimes they do, but you won’t need to worry because you’ve got backup.


Not to mention the many times you’ll have the washing machine running and a party of 30 walks in. With extras you’re ready to replace the silverware that was supposed to be in the cabinet or those set of glasses that were supposed to be on the shelf. We’ve all been there. No judgment.


4. Size.

You think you know your ovens dimensions by memory, right? You probably don’t. And you think you can guess the size of your baking sheets, right? Maybe not… Lucky for you commercial pizza kitchen supplies come in standard sizes, all you need to do is take some measurements yourself to be sure you’re getting the right size.


Purchasing anything is bulk is tricky enough. Avoid wasted time and money by double checking before you buy. You’ll be happy your supplies fit like a glove the first time.


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