Pizza Boxes

Thanks to pure cellulose, Giochi Di Pizza offers environmentally safe cardboard in efforts to cut carbon footprints. While raw material is processed, recycling cardboard helps sustain limited resources within our ecosystem. Giochi Di Pizza takes pride in our Italian heritage and the fact that the most commonly used cardboard in Italy is operating toward being environmentally friendly. This cardboard is made up of 80% recycled fiber and 20% virgin fiber. Although negative dispositions claim that paper production from virgin fibers is bad, forest management actually endorses this type of production to increase woodlands and decrease greenhouse effects. Because cardboard requires durability, fibers derived from tropical trees are not a sustainable source. Therefore, the destruction of tropical forests cannot be attributed to the paper industry. With the exploitation that these forests receive, there is still a large expansion rate of 1.3 billion m3/year—exceeding 50% of the logging rate.